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Welcome to This objective of this new site is to log any features or relevant bug fixes we deploy. We ship multiple times as day, often with small features being pushed that may not cut the mustard for our newsletter or blog but are interesting nevertheless. 

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Composite Functions: fill, zero_fill, last_fill

We've released a new set of functions that make it easier to work with sparse metrics. Given a sparse metric stream, fill will "fill in" any missing data points with a value that you provide. This is useful in situations where you are dividing the value of two metric streams but one or both of the streams report intermittently.

Metrics Deep Dive

Metric Deep Dive lets you quickly see more details about a line on a graph. This can be especially useful if you have a summarization of a metric. To Deep Dive, double click a chart to bring up the Explore View, then click on any metric name for a deep dive breakout view of that metric. This feature is available to both big number, and line charts. 

Big Number Thresholds

Big number thresholds let you set a visual indicator on a big number. We are offering critical and warning thresholds which can be customized for both going above and going below a numerical threshold. Chart thresholds update in real time, and are a perfect addition to any production spaces you have.

New Account Settings Pages

We updated the account settings pages to have the same look & feel as the app, broke out the information into more sensible tabs and added some functionality such as the top metrics report.